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About Us

Who We Are

ONE of the TOP QUALITY Associations in the world in providing multi-skills qualifications together with QS best ranking universities and NCFE. AMS is also specialized in Moving Education Training.
The Academy of Multi-Skills (AMS) is the UK’s registered officially recognized institute to award professional recognition for multi-skilled personnel, skilled trades, craftsman and professionals. AMS commenced in the year 1995 and since the time has been reputable and high-ranking in recognizing niece quality professionals with exceptional creativity and intellect from diverse background appreciating their valuable contribution to society as a skilled human resource. Moving education, with the development of highways, fast speed trains, and internet, will play one of the major roles in education to allow learners to obtain more experienced learning besides classroom teaching.

As one of the most experienced trainers in moving education, we will provide our learners to experience the wonderful world by providing the following well-planned study tours in Year 2020:

1.  Dubai Expo 2020 learning trips to Dubai Expo Smart City which indicates the coming life style, which also indicates the business opportunities for the coming future.
2.  Learning with World 500 corporations located in Cambridge with classes conducted by ARU lecturers.
3. Career trainings, including hairdressing and spa management, in Queen’s 2018 awardee, Newcastle College, UK.

We are in collaboration with the world famous traveling agencies to provide the best services to our participants during the learning trips, and they will be awarded certifications from World 500 corporations in training and also from learning institutions. Only by real experienced learning from the BEST, with excitement and fun, our learners will study with creativity to face future competitions. We aim to be the BEST and LEADER of interactive learning by experimental approaches.

“Knowledge is NOT skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is Skill.” Shinichi Suzuki