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Memberships and Designations

What We Believe

We believe in values like be effective, flexible and qualified and so we give fair chance for the application. Applicants will be assessed on bases of education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.). We extend a welcome to those skilled persons who, due to lack of opportunity could not reach their highest academic qualifications but are immense with knowledge, experience, position and merits.

Membership of AMS will confer the following benefits:

  • Use of the appropriate designatory letters
  • Professional status, recognition and designations
  • A special Certificate or Diploma stating your skills
  • Option to study professional diploma courses
  • Progression onto a degree programme
  • Free E-Journal
  • Advert in the journal when seeking a new position or recruiting for your own company

Membership Grades

Student Member – Stud.AMS (Cert.Ms)

The applicant should have completed the first year of a course of studies, be qualified to National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 3., or be receiving training on an apprenticeship. Foundation skills in occupations.

Associate Member – A.M.A.M.S. (Dip.Ms)

Applicants should have completed one of the following: NQF Level 5 Specialized Management Diploma, appropriate City and Guilds course, Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), Scottish Vocational and Educational Training (SCOTVEC) or Scottish Qualifications Awards (SQA) awards.
This membership is also open to those with relevant qualifications and/or experience or people like technician, skilled trades, crafts and professions, and supervisory occupations

Full Member – M.A.M.S. (Dip.Ms)

One has to be a holder of NQF Level 6, appropriate City and Guilds course, BTEC or SCOTVEC/SQA awards. Foundation, Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. Candidate with relevant qualifications and/or experience. Skilled trades, crafts and professions; technical and junior management occupations can apply.

Fellow – F.A.M.S. (Dip.Ms)

This is accessible for candidates that are holder of NQF Level 7 or Master’s degree; Chartered, professional and senior management occupations; Also those with relevant professional qualifications and/or appropriate experience.

Chartered Fellow – Chartered F.A.M.S.

Postgraduate qualification holders or equivalent, with proven records of successful experience and professional knowledge in the specific industry. Professionals with publications would be preferred.

  1. Chartered Fellow in Business
  2. Chartered Fellow in Management
  3. Chartered Fellow in Finance
  4. Chartered Fellow in Capital Management
  5. Chartered Fellow in Hospitality
  6. Chartered Fellow in Actuary
  7. Chartered Fellow in Estate Management
  8. Chartered Fellow in Property & Facilities Management
  9. Chartered Fellow in Nutrition
  10. Chartered Fellow in Environmental Science
  11. Chartered Fellow in Education
  12. Chartered Fellow in Dentistry
  13. Chartered Fellow in Psychology
  14. Chartered Fellow in Music Production
  15. Chartered Fellow in Vocal Music


Doctorate Fellow – Doctor F.A.M.S.

Doctoral or Postdoctoral degree holders or equivalent with proven records of successful research, preferably with publications.

  1. Doctorate Fellow in Business
  2. Doctorate Fellow in Management
  3. Doctorate Fellow in Finance
  4. Doctorate Fellow in Capital Management
  5. Doctorate Fellow in Hospitality
  6. Doctorate Fellow in Actuary
  7. Doctorate Fellow in Estate Management
  8. Doctorate Fellow in Property & Facilities Management
  9. Doctorate Fellow in Nutrition
  10. Doctorate Fellow in Environmental Science
  11. Doctorate Fellow in Education
  12. Doctorate Fellow in Dentistry
  13. Doctorate Fellow in Psychology
  14. Doctorate Fellow in Music Production
  15. Doctorate Fellow in Vocal Music

Master Fellow – Master F.A.M.S.

Applicants that holds postgraduate qualification or equivalent with proven records of successful experience and professional knowledge in the specific industry, preferably with publications.

  1. Master Fellow in Psychology

Special Designations


AMS Fellows, Chartered Fellows and Doctorate Fellows with proven international qualifications or international exposures accepted by the committee board.

Applicants have to submit detailed CVs, copies of international professional qualifications and summaries of international exposures with proven records.


  • Chartered Building Surveyor
  • Chartered Building Engineer
  • Chartered Civil Engineer
  • Chartered Colourist
  • Chartered / Certified Designer / Fashion Designer / Fashion Design Director
  • Chartered Director
  • Chartered Dentist
  • Chartered Energy Engineer
  • Chartered Electrical Engineer
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner
  • Chartered Environmentalist
  • Chartered Forester
  • Chartered Geologist
  • Chartered IT Professional
  • Chartered Land Surveyor
  • Chartered Librarian
  • Chartered Linguist
  • Chartered Measurement and Control Technologist
  • Chartered Mechanical Engineer
  • Chartered Minerals Surveyor
  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Certified Professional Psychologist
  • Master Professional in Psychology
  • Doctorate Professional in Psychology
  • Chartered Property Manager
  • Certified Mobile & Satellite Communication Specialist
  • Chartered Manager (Casino & Shopping Mall)
  • Certified Manager (Casino & Shopping Mall)
  • Chartered Manager (Mobile Commerce)
  • Certified Manager (Mobile Commerce)
  • Chartered Manager (Professional Music Production)
  • Certified Early Childhood Educator
  • Certified Playgroup Educator
  • Certified Professional Business & Human Resources Trainer
  • Certified Floral & Handicraft Arts Specialist
  • Certified Perfume Deployment Master
  • Certified Montessori Education Specialist
  • Licensed Social Playgroup Specialist
  • Licensed Playgroup Center Manager
  • Registered Beauty Therapist